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MGP – An Interesting Stunt Scooter

Stunt Scooter is very interesting, if you do well, you can put some great skill. When want to buy a Stunt Scooter how to figure out which model is best for you? Reading, and let all the Madd lower gear motorcycle and choose the correct locomotive will become much easier. Whether you are buying it for you or your child, avoid disappointment is a must, my goal is to guide you in the right direction. I chose review Madd motorcycle is that they have a good establish and characteristics of the significance of the famous parts quality, if you buy a these riding on it should be continued for you. So let’s see, see who think appropriate model.

Know about the Brand

If you are just starting out in a proper scooter, I mean got three wheeled breed or the basic type 2 wheeler flashing lights, you will find some beautiful sound and more light, may be height is adjustable. Most Madd gear motorcycle ages 8 children, but MGP mini is different. The scooter is the right size, from 5 years old, for 26 inches floor processing bar. At this age the components are not so important, but you know, mini have solid and durable single deck gooseneck structure, alloy headphones and double collar clip. Bearing is bearing ZXZ-C good enough this model. However, the next locomotive in scope, Beginnner pro, though a little bit of big so only suitable for 8 years of locomotive is actually a cheap to buy a bigger, your children will last much longer.
The gear Madd nitro and the nitro extreme and the other end is top of the range of MGP scale model and when we speak proper stunt motorcycle. In these two motorcycle Stunt Scooter world storm, this is why. If you are serious, on your tricks and stunt traction locomotive so you will find a crooked deck to give you more control or your ride. In strengthen equal to didn’t say because you are going to put this locomotive a damage. The two models to with the nitro compression system and fixture is a kind of effective connection fork, deck, bar together. Sharing the same MGP 110 leaf filter, Krunk bearing and headphones, “x23″ bar you may be asking yourself, “what is the difference between the Madd gear nitro and the nitro extreme?” Well, besides is a lighter weight version of the original nitro, most are pretty delicious cut out looking for the two decks, headtube. This is worth the extra money? I guess that’s just a matter of choice.
If you don’t count in the earth, but to a decent scooter take to go skating park and then MGP professional or MGP team edition to consider. The two model has been updated for the 2012 certainly win points for style. The team was slightly more expensive better aerodynamics package to and Madd wheel and a triple core than fixture, professional core wheels and 12 said affix clip system integration bar pro. They all support the 18.5 “bars with shells 85 degrees downtube but the team a bending Y-bar and professional players were a adjustable of 2 bars. If you have cash in my opinion the team wins Madd gear and its special edition more solid construction.
An Australian brand, but now they also have a around the world professional riders, visit to Britain, I strongly suggest that go out to watch their performance, and if you get the opportunity. With a solid range of scooters I don’t think you can go buy a mistake from the brand. So you want to go to the Stunt Scooter?

Bizarre Sports Competitions

10 Bizarre Sports Competitions You Might Actually Enjoy

There are some sports competitions that we are all familiar with. They are regularly shown on our televisions, played in the local parks, and talked about in the bars we frequent. But, there are some competitions that you might go through your entire life never knowing they even exist.

And that would be a shame. Because you would miss out on some jaw-dropping, mesmerizing, laughter-inducing entertainment. Some of these bizarre sporting events are so outrageous you just might enjoy them.

Chess Boxing

Some people that like chess and others that like boxing. Sports competitions do not get more contrasted than this. And yet, some genius decided that the two would combine well into one awesome sport. That genius was French artist Enki Bilal, who originally thought up this concept for a comic book he was working on.

A decade later the first official bout of chess boxing was held in real life. And, it is starting to take off. This game requires the use of brains and brawn like no other sporting competition. It consists of 11 rounds of alternate chess and boxing bouts.
Competitors can win be knocking out an opponent, checkmate, or by judge’s decision.

Extreme Ironing

Okay, so you would be hard-pressed to find many people who enjoy doing the ironing. But, when combined with remote locations, an element of danger, and a competitive edge, ironing takes on a whole new image. The Extreme Ironing Bureau says this is “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.”

Extreme ironing involves taking an ironing board and an iron into extreme locations to press wrinkly clothes. Locations include cliff edges, the top of moving vehicles, and underwater. Participants call themselves the ‘ironists’ and their extreme ironing photographs are popping up all over the place.

Wife Carrying

The name of this sport might inspire thoughts of carrying your bride a couple of metres over the threshold as is traditionally done after a wedding. However, the Fins have taken wife carrying a step further, 253.5m worth of steps to be precise. The annually held wife-carrying championships in Finland involves male athletes navigating a course with a wife strapped to their back.

Runners don’t have to compete with their own wives either! The Wife Carrying Competition Rules Committee state that the wife being carried “may be your own, the neighbor’s, or may have been found further afield.” In a nutshell, any wife will do. It is worth choosing wisely though because the gruelling course takes the runners through water, mud, and dry land.

The winner gets a nice new mobile phone and the wife’s body weight in beer, so it’s not all for nothing.


Invented in Spain back in 2004, this unusual spectacle combines volleyball with soccer and gymnastics, on a specially designed inflatable court. A net sits between two trampolines and teams (consisting of 3 to 5 players) can hit the ball with any part of their body so long as it clears the net by the 6th hit.

It is an insanely fun game to watch, and no doubt play. But good luck getting this game going at the local park.

Cheese Chasing

The Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake competition is an annual event held in Gloucester, England. And yes it is just as you imagine it to be. A group of people chase a roll of Gloucester cheese down a very steep hill, with hilarious and sometimes bone breaking consequences.

The aim of the game to is to catch the cheese, of course, but as this rolling ball of coagulated milk can get up to speeds of 70mph the winner is usually the one who crosses the finish line first. Their prize? Why the freshly rolled cheese of course!

As you would expect, over the years there have been numerous injuries at this event, which might explain why no one officially manages it anymore. These days it is more of a spontaneous sporting event, but participants are no less dedicated to winning.

Dog Dancing

Just when you thought sporting competitions couldn’t get any more bizarre we get dog dancing. Technically more art than sport, this unusual pastime combines coaching, dance, and discipline with man’s best friend. It is the surest sign yet of people’s yearning for sporting events that don’t involve balls.

Contests are held in the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, and several other countries.



Bo-taoshi, meaning “pole-pulldown”, is a beautifully dangerous Japanese sport traditionally played by cadets at National Defence Academy of Japan. It is also commonly played at school sports days. Yes, with kids!

The game is best described as a mixture of rugby, king of the hill, and capture-the-flag. However, with teams of 150 players on the field, this game is often closer to all-out war than sports.

The aim of the game is to pull down the opposing team’s pole before the other team reaches the same goal. Sounds simple enough right? Not when you consider that face kicking, body slamming, and violent scrums are all part of the game.

Man vs. Horse

Back in 1980, local pub owner, Gordon Green overheard a debate between two of his patrons. These two, who had probably downed several pints of lager, were arguing whether a man could beat a horse in a marathon. Upon hearing this intriguing conversation, a lightbulb went off in Gordon’s head.

It is not clear whether Gordon Green was sipping pints that night as well, but it is said that this is how the man vs. horse competition came about. Now, every June, competitors gather in the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd. Their aim? To get to the finish line 22 miles away before a horse.

The course takes competitors up steep hills, through bogs, and over tough tarmac. It is a gruelling and dangerous race even without horses bearing down on the human runners. And to answer the question on everyone’s lips, man can beat a horse in a race. Sometimes.

Cardboard Tube Duelling

The thing with most popular sporting events these days is that they are just too serious. Well, the Cardboard Tube Fighting League (I didn’t make that up), are hoping to change all that. Their philosophy goes like this: People need more ways to play and take themselves less seriously.

And so we have cardboard tube duelling. The basic aim of the game is to whack your opponent’s cardboard tube until it breaks. If this is achieved, you will be crowned the winner. If both your tubes break, then you are both losers. Oh, and try not to hit your opponent in the face. That is frowned upon.


This “sporting event” is as hilarious as it sounds. It is also possibly the most painful single player sport around. But, the participants get paid a decent sum of money for a few seconds of agony, and everybody else gets some side-splitting entertainment.

The aim of the game is simple; do a better belly flop than your competitors. Although, just how they judge the criteria for the perfect belly flop is a mystery.

You don’t have to contend with dull ball games on Sunday television anymore folks. There is a whole world of hilarious, funny, and highly competitive sporting events out there. However, there are quite a few that are not safe for trying at my home.

Outdoor Shower Head

Want to play and choose how the rain pours? Use a outdoor shower head.

Taking a shower is a lot of fun, especially with someone or with your friends after any outdoor activities. It is a time when one receives the benefits of refreshment and fun in one whole outdoor shower experience.

​Having a shower is enjoyable when you are filled with choices on how you could adjust the shower head to compliment what your body needs. There is a wide selection of style spray patterns to choose from not just for relaxation matters, but to create an exciting outdoor shower.

Outdoor Shower Head

​From chrome, stainless steel, brass, nickel, and bronze finish made shower heads to choose from, several spray patterns and combination are also available to meet one’s needs. The different spray patterns of a shower head have unique purposes and uses. 1Full body sprays relieve muscle tension to rejuvenate and invigorate the body. Massaging pulse sprays use pulsating jets of water to relieve stress. Power sprays concentrate a stream of water into a small area for fast rinsing. Mist sprays provide cooling relief after exercise for a cooling invigorating effect. Drenching rain sprays mimic rainfall from overhead, providing even body coverage for people of all heights. And the combo spray patters mix strong jets with pulsating streams to soothe and revitalize. With different spray patterns, there are different ways to enjoy outdoor shower.

​These spray patterns add compliments by making your ordinary outdoor shower to a refreshing one. Knowing its uses, certain factors should be considered for full satisfaction. With the use of spray patterns, one important component that should be considered is the water pressure. The water pressure is a vital part to achieve and to fully experience each of the different spray patterns that are built-in on your shower heads. One needs to check the water systems if the required pressure is met. If low water pressure exists, one is recommended to buy specialized shower head that could hold low pressure. If not, having a water-pressure generator system is a good option to acquire the desired water pressure for your shower head’s spray patterns for total satisfaction.

​With all the information mentioned above on shower heads, always keep in mind to double-check other factors such as drainage system, plumbing, and other safety requirements for caution.

​With more choices, comes with endless indulgences. Pick and feel the surprise of a new discovery of shower heads through the different spray patters.

Outdoor Shower Steam Rooms

There are many benefits you can enjoy by having outdoor shower steam rooms. Steam showers open up pores of our skin to excrete the toxins in our body, it increases the blood circulation which increases oxygen and nutrient distribution in the body which help increase the body healing rate and it is good for respiratory problems like sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and allergies. Steam can help clear allergens and mucus from the lungs. It also relaxes our muscles and takes away joints and muscular pain, and it also rejuvenates our skin by opening the pores and washing out the deep seated grime in our skin.

There are some modular units that has cup that you can pure essential oil and will defuse essential oil with the steam that will give aromatherapy benefit. Imagine enjoying these benefits and add the healing and nurturing effect of Mother Nature. There are study shows that being outdoor help increase the well being of our body. You are not limited to have steam showers inside the house, gym or spa but you can now have it outdoor.

Outdoor Shower Steam Rooms

​There are modular unit steam shower unit that can be placed outdoors or in your outdoor steam rooms. They are complete system that you just hook up the electric and pipelines into it. Mostly this is made out of acrylic with outside panel of faux wood finish to blend with the surroundings and vapor tight glass door to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Some hotel resorts install outdoor steam showers around their pools. But you can also enjoy this in your yard too.

​Outdoor steam showers are basically a shower stall that has a steam generator that produces steam to heat the room. It is a self contained enclosure that prevents the water vapor from escaping out of the enclosure. They can be a social affair. Even during the ancient times where communal steam baths are use by people. In this spirit, there are some modular models that can sit more than one person in the enclosure.

​Modular steam shower, aside from the steam feature it also has many features. Most have multiple adjustable body massage jets spay that can position the spray nozzles to give the specific area of your body the hydro massage, overhead rain fall shower, hand held shower with height-adjustable bracket, accessory rack, slip resistant flooring or water proof wood shower grid, waterproof acrylic or wood seats, thermostatic faucet, control panel, timer, circulation fan, tempered glass door. And some even have chromatherapy / LED color lighting, self-cleaning steam generator, FM radio or CD connection with water proof speaker.

​When using whether indoor steam showers or outdoor steam showers, you have to remember that it is recommended that you only spend maximum of 20 minutes in it. And even medical professionals consider steam showers have medical benefit in our body, it is advice not to use steam showers or even sauna if you have health concern like hypertension, diabetes or heart problem, pregnant women, children and elderly who are not in good health condition too. Consult your physician before using one. And never use steam showers if you are intoxicated.

Saving Money and Space with Portable Outdoor Showers

Some people don’t find it necessary to have an portable outdoor showers built permanently out on their backyard. These people even include some with outdoor swimming pools. There are many reasons why people don’t want or need an outdoor shower, but not having one also has some drawbacks.

Portable Outdoor Showers

The probable reasons why people don’t need an outdoor shower is because they can’t afford one. Either there’s not enough space to build one, or some people just find it very impractical to build a shower outside when there’s already a bathroom inside the house where they can clean themselves better.

Although it is true that an outdoor shower will take up a certain amount of space of the backyard, and yes it will cost money but having an outdoor shower also has their benefit. There are certain things that people try to avoid when it comes to maintaining the house and outdoor showers can be very useful in those parts.​

​When kids just had a muddy day, they won’t have to spill the good stuff all over the carpet. They can get clean even before they enter the house by bathing in the outdoor shower. This will save mom the trouble of cleaning up after the kids and save the kids from several weeks of getting grounded.

​For occasions when people host a pool party, having an outdoor shower will make it convenient for their guests to shower near the pool area. This keeps the inside of the house dry and clean. This also keeps people from having to go back and forth in and out of the house just to take a short shower.

​There are so many benefits of having an outdoor shower, but what can people who really have no choice do to be able to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor shower if they don’t have the space for a spacious enclosed outdoor shower. What can people do if they are on a tight budget?

​The best way to solve this problem is by using portable outdoor showers. Unlike the permanently built outdoor shower, this shower can be installed every time there is a need to do so and then put away right after!

​Portable outdoor showers come in a set that is can be easily assembled to stand and work as a shower and then can also be easily dismantled after use. The water supply comes from the garden hose. The hose is then inserted into the pipe and connected with the shower head which creates the shower effect.

​There are also portable outdoor showers that even come with portable enclosures that can also be kept away after use. But for the limited spaced backyards, an open outdoor shower can be installed anywhere that’s convenient. The only space the shower will occupy is about a foot for the stand and the area that the person showering will occupy.

​Because the water is supplied by the garden hose, people also don’t have to worry about leaking and unnecessary increases in their water bills due to the uncontrolled use of water outdoors.

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