What is a Fire Pit Used For – Benefits of Fire Pit Table

A fire pit is probably the oldest, cheapest and most basic way of adding a heated area to your garden. That said, it can be a very stylish way of creating a permanent and highly effective garden heater that looks good and usually includes some “bench style” masonry seating.

Fire Pit

What is a fire pit

In its simplest form, a temporary fire pit is nothing more than a whole that is dug in the ground and filled with a combustible material. The material in the pit is then set alight and it generates warmth and even a cooking zone.

Not surprisingly, modern fire pits are more sophisticated, more permanent, more attractive and more multi-purpose and, importantly, you can buy fire pit kits that are easy to construct.

A typical fire pit has a base that is dug out and set several inches below the surrounding ground level. A masonry structure, which may be of brick or stone, is then built around this pit to create what is usually a circular fire pit in which fossil fuels can be burnt.

In all but the most primitive of fire pit kits, an area around or to the side of the fire pit is paved (hard landscaped) and some masonry benching added. This seating structure need take the form of nothing more than a solid plinth, but it may also be curved to match the pit and the more elaborate benches can have back rested.

Obviously, the options for design, in terms of simplicity or grandeur, are limitless and a fire pit can be designed as an important visual garden feature, or simply as a functional basic heater.

fire pit kits

Heater options

There are a number of manufacturers who retail fire pit kits and most sell over the internet.

These kits start cheap, but can run into hundreds of dollars (pound Stirling) and may have the basic structure finished with stone veneers (slips), marble or stucco surfaces. Any seating can also be treated to compliment the pit and this can result in a great outdoor social area that can double up for barbeque use.

These pits can be of a traditional rustic appearance or look like modernist pieces of artwork. The price of a fire pit will reflect the materials used and the scale of the construction.

outdoor fire pits

Cast iron and terra cotta and stone fire pits

In addition to a real fire pit, you can also buy cast iron fire pits that stand on a patio or any other level surface.

These kits can be made of metal or stone and can be highly decorative and even include a fire guard (mesh) and sometimes a lid.

The big advantage of these stand-alone fire pits is that they have a minimal space requirement and a lack of any assembly or construction skills.

Fire Pit Tables – Why Should I Choose That Style?

When looking for an outdoor heating solution or an addition to your patio, keep in mind the added benefits your choice will bring you.

  1. A fire pit table brings elegance and style to your patio. Decorate an empty space with a beautiful design.
  2. A fire pit table provides lovely warmth to you and your guests, no need for an outdoor heater.
  3. You can sit and have a yummy dinner around your fire, why eat inside when you can do so under an open night sky.
  4. You can use your table to serve cocktails and drinks to your guests, create a fun vibe and have a toast around your fire.
  5. Your fire pit table creates an inviting and cozy center-point to the outdoor area of your home. Everyone will want to gather there.
  6. Roast marshmallows over your fire for a scrumptious treat. Yummy and fun!
  7. Be able to spend more time outside, extending your evening to as late as you want, as it will no longer be too cold.
  8. Have added versatility with your fire pit table – use as a lunch, snack or coffee table. Enjoy your patio at all times of the day.
  9. Sit back in a lounge patio chair and rest your feet up on your fire pit table warming them up!
  10. Have great conversations around a warm fire, while you can relax and get away from the stresses of life.

There are many different designs of fire pits available, my favorite is the fire pit table for the added versatility they bring, plus they look incredible.

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