What You Need to Know About Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator

Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator has three major benefits.

There are only 2 choices when picking a wine refrigerator, a compressor unit or thermoelectric unit. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Many casual wine drinkers prefer a Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator for storing their wines at home, mainly because they are environmentally friendly, take up less space than a compressor unit, and will preserve the wine longer.

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There are 2 ways that a Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator is better for the environment than a compressor refrigerator. A thermoelectric cooler doesn’t contain a chemical coolant such as CFC or HCFC to cool wines like a compressor refrigerator does.

Thermoelectric coolers work by using electricity to remove heat from one end of a metal coil and a fan to dissipate the heat from the other end.

Even though they use electricity for cooling, they use less of it than conventional refrigerators. Less electricity used is better for the environment because it means less coal is burned to generate that electricity.

A Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator is smaller than a conventional compressor refrigerator. This is partly because they don’t have as many parts as a normal refrigerator and partly because they are only used for wine while normal refrigerators often hold wine, other drinks, and food.

Since they are smaller, even apartment dwellers can have a thermoelectric cooler for wine and not feel as if their apartment is cluttered with too many appliances.

The major benefit of this type of beverage or beer refrigerator is a Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator offers wine lovers is the preservation of wine flavor.

They accomplish this because they don’t have as many moving parts as a compressor refrigerator. Compressors have 4 moving parts that combine to produce vibrations. For normal food and drink, this vibrating doesn’t do anything.

However, with wines, vibrations can spoil them. Wines have solid particles that settle to the bottom, vibrations stir up these particles and spoil the taste of the wine. Because thermoelectric coolers contain fewer moving parts, they are less likely to have vibrations to stir up the solid particles. In fact, the only moving part on a thermoelectric cooler is the fan and that is often placed in a way to minimize vibrations.

Vibration disturbs the natural sedimentation of solid particles in wines modifying and spoiling the flavor and consistency of it in the long run.

One thing you have to especially pay attention to is the ambient temperature of the room where you are going to place the cooler. For proper operation and efficient cooling a thermoelectric cooler must not be placed in a room with an ambient temperature higher than 77 °F (25 °C) otherwise the appliance won’t be able to maintain the set temperature.

So, if you want a silent, vibration-free electric wine cooler than opt for a Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator one.

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