Outdoor Shower Steam Rooms

There are many benefits you can enjoy by having outdoor shower steam rooms. Steam showers open up pores of our skin to excrete the toxins in our body, it increases the blood circulation which increases oxygen and nutrient distribution in the body which help increase the body healing rate and it is good for respiratory problems like sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and allergies. Steam can help clear allergens and mucus from the lungs. It also relaxes our muscles and takes away joints and muscular pain, and it also rejuvenates our skin by opening the pores and washing out the deep seated grime in our skin.

There are some modular units that has cup that you can pure essential oil and will defuse essential oil with the steam that will give aromatherapy benefit. Imagine enjoying these benefits and add the healing and nurturing effect of Mother Nature. There are study shows that being outdoor help increase the well being of our body. You are not limited to have steam showers inside the house, gym or spa but you can now have it outdoor.

Outdoor Shower Steam Rooms

​There are modular unit steam shower unit that can be placed outdoors or in your outdoor steam rooms. They are complete system that you just hook up the electric and pipelines into it. Mostly this is made out of acrylic with outside panel of faux wood finish to blend with the surroundings and vapor tight glass door to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Some hotel resorts install outdoor steam showers around their pools. But you can also enjoy this in your yard too.

​Outdoor steam showers are basically a shower stall that has a steam generator that produces steam to heat the room. It is a self contained enclosure that prevents the water vapor from escaping out of the enclosure. They can be a social affair. Even during the ancient times where communal steam baths are use by people. In this spirit, there are some modular models that can sit more than one person in the enclosure.

​Modular steam shower, aside from the steam feature it also has many features. Most have multiple adjustable body massage jets spay that can position the spray nozzles to give the specific area of your body the hydro massage, overhead rain fall shower, hand held shower with height-adjustable bracket, accessory rack, slip resistant flooring or water proof wood shower grid, waterproof acrylic or wood seats, thermostatic faucet, control panel, timer, circulation fan, tempered glass door. And some even have chromatherapy / LED color lighting, self-cleaning steam generator, FM radio or CD connection with water proof speaker.

​When using whether indoor steam showers or outdoor steam showers, you have to remember that it is recommended that you only spend maximum of 20 minutes in it. And even medical professionals consider steam showers have medical benefit in our body, it is advice not to use steam showers or even sauna if you have health concern like hypertension, diabetes or heart problem, pregnant women, children and elderly who are not in good health condition too. Consult your physician before using one. And never use steam showers if you are intoxicated.

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