Upgrading Your Pool Shower

A lot of people think that there are only a few things they can do with their pool shower. A quick shower before swimming and rinsing after swimming in the pool is actually just a few of the basic functions of outdoor showers. With all the accessories Upgrading Your Pool Shower, people can turn their simple shower by the pool into a multi functional shower.

Upgrading Your Pool Shower

Most people see their outdoor showers even those built for showering by the pool, similar to their garden hoses or outdoor faucets. Yes outdoor showers can be used for washing garden tools after using them, or rinsing soiled and muddy clothes, but people should also consider the stylish, comfortable and luxurious side of outdoor showers.

Why do people go to the spa just to get to shower in an atmosphere that is as serene as nature itself, when they can enjoy this right on their backyards? With the right facilities, people can have a getaway spa by converting their pool shower and giving it more function and purpose.

There are a lot of accessories that can be added to turn the regular outdoor shower into a steam shower. Now people can have a lot more to look forward to other than just rinsing and cleaning up. By adding these accessories people can experience so much more just within their homes.


The outdoor showers are usually open. The open design makes the outdoor shower limited in function. The structure and the function are basic because the shower itself is bare. The accessories added become more useful on enclosed outdoor showers. People need to have enclosures for their outdoor shower if they want to be able to add more accessories and function.

For the steam outdoor poolside shower, people will need a complete enclosure. Using glass enclosure would be best so people will not feel like they are being trapped or suffocated in a cubicle. The glass enclosure allows people to see the backyard. The landscapes with the flowers and the trees, and the pool itself will be therapeutic scenery that helps people to relax while people are in their steam shower.

Another part of the outdoor shower that people can upgrade is the shower head. Nowadays people do not have to settle with the traditional shower head. There are shower heads that change the flow of water to make it appear more interesting and to change the showering experience as well.

Since people are already bathing outdoors in their outdoor shower, they should go for something that is different from the shower they have indoors. A shower head that creates a mini waterfall would be more exciting to bathe in outdoors than the traditional one. The rain shower head is also another interesting shower head that people can use on their outdoor shower.

Although spas are always wonderful and people would like to reward themselves by going to one at the end of a tiring week, not all people have the time to get out during weekends and go to these luxurious establishments. Having a pool shower that doubles as a mini spa is practically a good idea for these people.

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