Why A Bald Head Rules

Why A Bald Head Rules

People who decide to have a bald head for the first time may find it challenging to grasp this new beauty concept. Any change on one’s head is not fully welcome until one gets used to it. The head’s shape is the important thing people consider. A clean shape on one’s head exposes the head structure. People with heads they consider funny may not be comfortable with this kind of shaving. In order to know how one’s head will appear after shaving, it is recommendable to put on a swimming cap. This cap holds the head tightly hence bringing the shape out. Go before the mirror and see the image to make a decision if the head is worth a clean shave. If you feel it looks weird, then you’d better reconsider the decision of this kind of shape because it may make one uncomfortable all the time. Hot water should be there to be used as the first treatment before the actual shave. Hot water opens up the pores of the skin making shaving easy and comfortable. Then apply appropriate shaving cream. A barber can give good advices on the good cream needed. The cream should be applied all over the head gently. Let the cream be there for few minutes. Finally shave the head gently and smooth. During the shaving process, a good mirror and sufficient lighting is necessary to have a clear view of the head while being shaved. Shaving direction is very critical. Ensure that the head is shaved towards the direction where one’s hair grows. This necessitates smooth cut free shaving.

Paragraphs below show how one can make a shaved head shiny, smooth and clean always. First, the use of sterilized and sharp razor is very important. This eliminates the possibility of after shave bumps that causes irritation and bad looks. Bald heads that are shaved using sharp razors look great with a smooth touch.

Bald head shaving is a practice that requires good care to one’s head in order to give satisfactory results. The use of skin cleansers and gentle soaps is a must if one expects zero itchy sensations. Soaps with skin reactive chemicals can allow the scalp to dry hence giving it a bad look. The chemicals can also affect follicles.

A good gel to be applied on a bald shaved head is the aloe Vera gel. It ensures the head is shinny and protected from the sun burns all the time. The gel also makes the scalp moist even if it is exposed to hot sunshine. Treating a shaved head with such creams is very necessary.

For those people who spend most of their time outside and particularly exposed to the sun, they risk sun burns. It is therefore important to apply quality sun screens approved by the dermatologists. They protect one’s scalp from shrinking and looking bad all the time. Finally apply moisturizing cream on the bald head.

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